Peer Review Policies


The peer review process is carried out to ensure the quality and substance of articles in published journals. This process is an objective process carried out by all scientific journals. Bestari partners and Editors at INSIGHT Journal have an important role to ensure the continuity of this process with the following procedures:
Initial Evaluation. The editor conducts an initial evaluation of all newly submitted articles. At this stage, the Editor checks the scope of the article, plagiarism, and writing rules. Articles that are still far from the initial provisions, may be rejected at this stage. Articles that pass the check will be sent to two reviewers.
Peer Review Type. The INSIGHT journal applies a double-blind review, in which the author does not know who is reviewing and vice versa. This is done to maintain objectivity.
Plotting Reviewers.
The reviewer's assignment to an article is based on consideration of the reviewer's area of ​​expertise.
Reviewer Report. Reviewers are assigned to provide feedback/reviews on articles by considering originality, structure and flow of writing, code of ethics for scientific writing, ownership of clear results that support the conclusions, and references to related previous research. Grammar correction is not part of this process, but Reviewers are not prohibited from correcting grammar.
Review Process Time. The length of the review process depends on the response given by each reviewer. INSIGHT Journal has a policy of giving Reviewers a total of two (2) weeks from the date of assignment. The Reviewer's duties may be transferred if they do not respond within one to two weeks. Reviewers can provide recommendations in the form of "Article accepted", "Minor revision", "Major revision", or "Article rejected". If there is a revision, the author will get a notification to make a revision, which will be sent along with the reviewer's comments via email. The revised results will be re-examined to ensure that the notes from the Reviewers have been carried out properly.
Final report. A final report or decision in the form of "Article accepted" or "Article rejected" will be sent to the author which may also contain some comments from the Reviewer or Editor.
Final Evaluation. Before the article is published, the editor may submit a request for correction of the grammar or images used in the article.